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for a better tomorrow

Future Flux develops products, services and business models that make a positive contribution towards a sustainable society.
Our society, companies and organisations are confronted with substantial challenges f0r the future of a equitable, social and sustainable world.
Solving such complex challenges through meaningful innovation requires new ways of thinking and working that evolve around human needs, open up the necessary space for creativity and question whole systems in a critical way.

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Education for a New Society

Future of Mobility

Sustainable Business Models

Social Innovation

Livable and future-oriented Cities

We are an Innovation Lab.

We approach problems from a designer’s perspective and focus on human insights and needs at the core of our work. Rooted in creativity, transdisciplinarity and empathy, our approach allows for hands-on experimentation and provides an alternative way to solve problems.

We are convinced that there is no contradiction between social impact and economic success. We believe that forward thinking, responsible companies will lead change towards a future-oriented, diverse and sustainable society.

What drives us forward

"As designer I want to shape society and integrate ecological and ethical aspects into my work."

− Svenja Bickert-Appleby, Founder

"After 10 years in the consulting and creative industries, I want to create sustainable solutions with Future Flux. "

− Michael Weber, Founder

"After 15 years as a consultant I want to focus on projects that are meaningful and have a positive impact. "

− Sascha Eschmann, Founder

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