Our Future Flux Network

“Small mind competes, big mind collaborates and great mind encompasses.”
Amit Ray (Indian yoga master)

Our relationship to TRENDONE in Hamburg gives us the great possibility to have access to inspiring trends and cases from all around the globe. Especially for our important research project steps this is very meaningful.

The international trend- and innovation network LaFutura connects experts and hosts the annual trend conference – also called LaFutura. We at Future Flux are a founding member and Sascha from our team is the director of the network.

Cécile Cremer from the Netherlands is our much loved trend researcher, creative designer and at least part of the very special mindset of Future Flux. Her trend talks and creative tools are useful parts of our projects.

The co-working space heimathafen is not only the nucleus of entrepreneurs and start-ups in Wiesbaden, but also our company headquarters. Here we are connected to a large network of entrepreneurs, artists and companies. It is difficult not to experience new ways of working here daily.

Wiesbaden is a leading social business city and the Grameen Creative Lab supports social business projects all over the world. We at Future Flux also want to consult and create business models which are not profit-oriented, but are solutions for social challenges.

Les Enfants Terribles is a school for a new, good and mindful way of working – in our digital, fast and complex world. At the same time, we are a movement and platform for people, companies and projects supporting this new work idea.