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Designing a sustainable school

The Club of Rome cooperates with 15 schools in Germany. The core topic of this cooperation is on one hand the deep developed level of participation and on the other hand – of course – projects and goals for ecological sustainability at school. In an exciting 2-day workshop with students from all schools we developed new ideas and approaches for more sustainability, new tools for participation and for a more interesting lessons.


Learning Journey Wiesbaden

The Learning Journey for about 30 employees of R+V Versicherung was on purpose in Wiesbaden – not only Berlin has cool and new companies and places to see and visit. At 5 different stations we created learnings for both sides. It was part of the concept to get impact and empower people and not only to be inspired. It was a journey about innovation, digitalization and agility.


Bike Rental Services

The quality of bike infrastructure in cities depends significantly on the kind of public bike rental systems. For users it is important how close the bikes are shared and how easy it is to unlock and lock a bike. Together with Deutsche Bahn and their rental system “call-a-bike” we work on better services and experiences around that topic and to deliver a more integrated mobility solution.


Banking of the future

The public banks “Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken” are organized as cooperative banks in Germany and they have the mission to serve for the needs of the people in their daily job. The DG Verlag as a service provider of these banks has to tackle bis challenges like digitization, social change or the reduction of subsidiaries and to create more solutions for the needs of the people.

University of the Arts Berlin // Coaching


The future of our wellfare and healthcare system in a demographically changing society is one of those burning topics for which we need new strategies and solutions. In an experimental project format product design students were asked to address those problems that demand collaborative and participative design approaches. As Future Flux we were asked to coach the students right at the beginning of the project to help them to get started with their research and idea development.

BESCO MEDICAL // Product Design

The walker of the future

More and more older people rely on mobile walkers, which are their constant companion in everyday life. This project aimed at identifying and evaluation innovation potentials for future products in the market, which are much more centered on the user’s needs.

Commerz Real // Keynote

Products for People, not for Profit

Based on a very unhealthy candy for kids, Sascha confronted the audience (product manager Real Estate) with the story, that the most products in our time are developed just for profit and not with responsibility for the people and the environment.

Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation // Ideation Workshop

Social and Political Education

Adults change their behavior of using leisure time and they are less interested in education offers about social and political topics from public providers. In our Workshop we interviewed people in the city of Frankfurt and developed new ideas with the participants.

Grameen Creative Lab // Impulse & Ideation

Social Business Forum 2015

Social Business is one approach to create or transform business models (not charity organizations), which are focused on solving a social problem. Together with the Grameen Creative Lab we hosted a Forum in Germany to bring entrepreneurs together.

Mainzer Designgespräche 2015 // Keynote

Do it Together

The presentation was about the role of the designer, the need to involve designers right at the beginning of a project, the values on which we ground our work and the effect our work as designers has on everything around us – on our future, finishing with the appeal to work collaboratively and interdisciplinary to achieve the best outcome.

Siemens Foundation // Impulse & Ideation

Trendresearch and Future Scenarios

The Siemens Foundation is hosting Alumni Camps for students. For the camp in 2015 Future Flux was asked to give new insights about trends, trend research and future scenarios. With the participants we developed scenarios for the world in 2050.

Union Investment // Keynote

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a very important topic in the finance sector. At Union Investment we were engaged to impart strategic knowledge and international examples from different industries to all innovation managers at the company.

COBI // Business Model

E-Bike Mobility Concepts

Almost every industry from logistic to urban planning is working on future-oriented mobility concepts. Together with our client COBI we develop new services and new business models around connected e-bike systems.

TSV Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt // Strategy Workshop

The future of honorary offices

As part of a research project of the “Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund” we consulted the non-profit club TSV Taunusstein Bleidenstadt on his way finding new internal structures and solutions to find more external people for the honorary offices.

Mondi Group // Product Development
Mondi Innovation Workshop

New packaging ideas

The international packaging company Mondi is changing from a pure raw-material provider to a supplier for packaging solutions. We attended the company and more than 70 european employees in this innovation process and developed new ideas.

LaFutura // Impulse & Ideation
Future Walk LaFutura

Walking the Future Walk

For the LaFutura 2014 in Bruxelles we created the Future Walk. Goal was to gather the insights of people in Bruxelles about “The future of urban lifestyles” and “The future of mobility”. The participants were shifted to the years 2020 and 2039 in their minds.

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