Our Services

For companies and organisations ready to break new ground

We take care of all stages of entire innovation projects from localising the problem and user research through to the development of ideas and prototypes and up to their implementation within the organisation. We use methods aimed at an improved problem-solving capability of interdisciplinary teams, user-centeredness, experimental ways of working and agile approaches.

//  Impulses and Inspiration

We want to inspire and polarise while bringing about real change. Unvarnished and authentic

  • Trend lectures
  • Introductory speeches
  • Keynotes
  • Inspiration journeys
  • Events

// Getting to the bottom of the problem

Analysing the problem in depth, understanding its causes and researching the users and their needs is what drives innovation.

  • Discover workshops
  • User research (interviews & observation)
  • Desk research
  • Conducting studies
  • Generating insights

// Developing new ideas and solutions

We develop sustainable ideas leading the way to unusual new solutions. Our approach as an innovation lab gives us space for experimentation and agile processes. New solutions also require innovative business models. Companies have to adapt their business to changing conditions and explore new paths.

  • Ideation workshops
  • Development of products & services
  • Development of new business models
  • Prototyping & testing

// Creating and shaping space

People want to grow on a personal level, use their creativity and contribute to the solutions provided by companies. We assist our clients in creating and implementing spaces for a creative, collaborative and solution-oriented work culture.

  • Providing our innovation lab to our clients
  • Planning and creation of spaces for new ways of working within companies and organisations
  • Creation of project-related ad-hoc creative spaces

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