Open source & circular economy within the fashion industry – OSCEdays 2016, Berlin

By 14. Juni 2016Blog, Nachhaltigkeit

By Matthias Klas.

Resource problems are one of the fundamental challenges modern economies are exposed to during the 21st century. As we’re recognizing an increasing insecurity of resources deriving from upcoming shortages of naturally provided resources, the model of a circular economy seems to be obligatory for sustainable prosperity. Additionally, hazardous impacts on our ecosystems force us to disruptive economic rethinking – far away from established ways of production that are inevitably connected with an enormous creation of pollution and wastes.

Dealing with these issues the OSCEdays took place in more than 70 cities all over the world to encourage people from all kind of disciplines and backgrounds to work on solutions for circular economic processes. This year the Berlin event was especially dedicated to the issues of a circular textile industry. The event was curated by CRCLR lab, Agora Collective and Design for Circularity and was decisively supported by fashion brand Filippa.

We were involved in discussing the broad range of matters that go along with circularity: Which problems do occur in the recovering and reprocessing of already used materials? How do we spread beneficial solutions for repairing and reusing that are already implemented in the market? What are visionary global guidelines for circular resource currents?

The framework program of impulse speeches, podium discussions and talks pointed out exemplary stories within the issue of circular economy and offered crucial knowledge for the ongoing workshops. In this context we warmly recommend the recently released research paper (sorry, only in german language) of the Wuppertal Institut/Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung about the current status of circular economy in Germany.

This autumn we’re spreading the ideas of circular economy in two innovation workshops in Wiesbaden. We offer you the possibility to develop business solutions for circular fashion models and support you with a multi-disciplinary expert team and design thinking methods. We look forward to welcoming you in our innovation lab!

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